Flame retardant test carried out in 2018. With @ll Timber lodges you have a choice. No fire retardant added or the standard two coats added. For extra protection we add a third coat applied option. The video shows just how good three coats of fire retardant works.

Notice how the fire goes out once the flame has been removed. The test was carried out on the 4th of November 2018 using the fire retardant Flametect C-WD. Following the test we can confirm that we will be using that product for all our timber lodges.

To go on any residential park the lodge will require flame retardant. To go onto your own land the choice is yours. Flame retardant is not cheap but it is effective as you will see.

All completed lodges we supply will have two coats added to the outside of the home. You can then choose to have a third coat as well if you wish. Both single lodges and double lodges have the same amount added per m2.