Timber Lodges for residential parks in Spain

Our trade mark application for the "@ll Timber" brand name has been granted. The first timber lodge will arrive on the Posada show ground in Spain next month. Corrales Park have six plots ready for the twin unit timber lodges. The dedicated website for the timber lodge range of homes is www.all-timber.com and a new e-brochure is being prepared now. Costa Difference Ltd have designed three timber lodges for parks and own land in Spain.

Posted by Costa Difference on Sunday, 20 January 2019

Timber lodges in Spain for residential use.

All the timber lodges designed by Costa Difference Ltd are constructed from slow grown sustainable sourced Nordic spruce, one of the best woods to use. The timber lodges are shipped ready for construction from the sawmills in Estonia. We then use experts from the UK to construct them here in Spain in situ.

Every timber lodge supplied here in Spain comes with a 5 year factory guarantee and with proper care and maintenance they will last for decades. We also offer a fire resistant timber treatment (Flametect C-WD) option to which can be applied to the outside walls of the timber lodge.

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On top of that goes the colour preservative of your choice and you have 15 colours to choose from. Inside the home you also get to choose how you want it. Inside you can leave the timber in its natural condition (as supplied) if you so wish or paint/varnish/stain.

All our standard timber lodges are supply only with options. Ideal for anyone who wants a standard timber lodge that they can construct themselves and modify to suit them. Perfect to go on your own land.

All our delux residential timber lodges for residential parks come fully constructed with Celotex™ insulation membrane fitted to both the floor and the roof as standard. We also offer two choices for the construction itself. 70mm timber is our standard timber thickness and is perfect for normal residential use or 92mm timber which will give extra insulation in areas that have some kind of winter.

The Completo residential lodge

Lodge with decking:

The “Cordoba” model above has two good size double bedrooms with an open plan lounge/diner/kitchen measuring 35m2. It begins life with extra Celotex™ insulation fitted to the floor and roof as well as a choice of 5 roof shingle kits.

The high quality double glazed windows and doors in the home are German made roto turn and tilt systems. The home also has a 21m2 decking area to the front of the home which you can use in any way you like. Corrales Park will have a Cordoba show home installed straight after the New Year.

The lodge once constructed is then ready for us to treat the timber.
First we apply a fire retardant (three coats) ready for the next coat which is a wood preservative. The preservative comes in a choice of 15 tints.

Timber lodges in Spain heating

Every luxury timber lodge will also have a triple unit aircon fitted, with all units remote controlled. Aircon is standard in all residential lodges. Bathrooms have heated towel rails. In the lounge there is also a coal effect electric fire for the winter evenings.

Once we are at that stage it is all about furniture and a fitted kitchen. In timber lodges all furniture is stand alone. You can even buy your lodge unfurnished. The kitchens will include a 30/70 fridge freezer as well as a combined hob and oven unit with stand alone microwave. If preferred you can have a stand alone hob with a combined oven and microwave.

The finished timber home

This is what your home could look like once it is ready. You choose the colour outside. Inside you can leave as pure timber finish or decorate as you wish. Inside is a home, not all rooms need to look the same. That is the beauty of the timber lodges, you have a chance to make it your own. It is only the build that does not alter.

You get to choose the colours outside and of course what you want to have on the inside. Stain, varnish or simply paint it, the choice is yours. Best done before we furnish it of course.

The costs involved:

The costs for standard timber lodges are below. They come in three parts. One is the lodge itself delivered ready for construction. Two construction of the lodge using a UK team if required. Three the build material as in insulation and what is to go on the roof (roof shingles).

The 12m x 7m Cordoba standard timber lodge for example (with built in integral decking area), is only 23,670.00 Euros delivered on site ready for construction. This converts to 21,005.14 GBP at todays exchange rate.

The Murcia 11m x 4.5m standard timber lodge is only 17,900.00 Euros delivered on site ready for construction. This converts to 15,884.75 GBP at todays exchange rate.

The Valencia 11m x 6m Valencia standard timber lodge is only 22,850.00 Euros delivered on site ready for construction. This converts to 20,277.46 GBP at todays exchange rate.

To upgrade from 70mm timber walls to 92mm timber walls costs 5000€

Construction of the lodge in situ 3700€

To treat inside and out with fire retardant costs 1190€

To treat inside and out with preservative 1000€

Roof shingle kit (choice of five colours) 1050€

Black, Coral Grey, Natural Brown, Forest Green, Brick Red.

Celotex™ insulation fitted to floor and roof 980€

For the cost of any model as a completed luxury lodge please contact us for details. This is because every luxury timber lodge will be different. Luxury lodges have every extra included as standard plus the electrics, plumbing and furniture. They all start out as a standard timber lodge and then our construction team will build it how you want it to look inside. You have lots of choices.